Paul EdwardsVolunteering has played a big part in my life, starting with a boys club in Openshaw when I was the Club Leader in the 70's/80's. Pretty much since then I have always tried to give my time to worthwhile causes that benefit the community, most notably since 2000 Eastserve, Community Reporter scheme, Eastlands Homes (HA) and many other schemes previously.

Now I am a local Wildlife Reporter from Manchester, UK, which is where I also live, this my main focus now, because it can done from my own garden, when I can. I have been interested in wildlife for nearly all my life, ever since I was kid I have kept all kinds of animals, starting with tadpoles and sticklebacks kept in a long tin bath. Bringing home 2 white Mice from school during the summer holidays, to taking back to school 4 times as many 6 weeks later. Sandy (My Cojack)My favourite pet as a teenager was the Rabbit, I had 24 of them, various breeds including my favourites which were my 2 Flemish giants, an English named Cheeky used to come in the house, he would follow me everywhere, acted more like a dog. I then progressed to Reptiles & Snakes, Tropical Fish, Gerbils, Hamsters, Birds, I have always had a dog which my favourite of all pets, today I have a Cojack called Sandy, which is Corgi/Jack Russell cross.

I became involved with reporting as early as the late 90's, I used to mainly cover Events & Festivals, and as a Community Reporter starting in 2005 with People Voice Media,  but now I am concentrating on Wildlife Reporting. Over the years I have had many websites, it gives me pleasure being able to share some of my experience and photos.

If you would like to become a community reporter contact Peoples Voice Media and ask about the Community Reporter programme, it is a worthwile cause to get you started in reporting. You can do as much as you want, when you want too.

Photography and Videography are my main area's of interest. I consider myself more of an hobbyist Photographer, while I am eager to learn new techniques and strive to get the best photos that I can, I want to enjoy taking photos without being put under the pressures of professionals. The cameras that I use are not expensive and can be bought cheaply, one of my aims is to show people what can be achieved using the most basic of equipment.

My health has not always been very good, but now it has worsened, which is why I have had to stop doing any community reporting or volunteering.

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