Paul Edwards on TV at the BBCToday was a bit special, as a community reporter I got to visit the BBC along with fellow community reporters, and take a look behind the scenes of the Northwest Tonight program featuring presenters Gordon Burns and Ranvir Singh. This is part of a partnership between MCIN and the BBC who are supporting the Community Reporters programme, there will be another couple of visits next week where we will cover an introduction to journalism. It was nice to meet Gordon Burns, I remember him from years ago when we were both younger, what a nice man, a very nice man. It was also extremely nice of him to take some time to explain what he does and a basic guide to the use of the computer software programs and pose for a few photos.

What I found interesting was how the program is put together, you know the bits you don't see. I thought stop watches were only used for things like athetics etc, but the producer uses it quite a lot for timing of film and things. Also computers play a bit part in the production of a program, interestingly I forgot to ask  the question what happens if they crash or throw a wobbler.  

 Community Reporter with Gordon burns at the BBC

Community Reporters visit to the BBC  with Gordon Burns


There are many aspects in putting a program together, and I have yet to decide which bit I personally like. I think I'd like to be behind the camera rather than in front of it. My personal passion is wildlife, and that is probably where I may ultimately end up, i love being out in the wilds, searching for and photographing or videoing wildlife. Then again I can get distracted as you will see by the many stories I bring to you. I just need to settle down and concentrate on one subject I think.

 Behind the scenes of Northwest Tonight

 Behind the scenes of Northwest Tonight