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Houses on Ashton Old RoadI am going to keep this one short, mainly because I have seen enough, how anyone can say what they see is artistic and fashionable is beyond me. I have taken a couple more pictures to illustrate yet again what the people in East Manchester are having to settle for, and how the people in power are pulling the wool over everyone's eyes. We may as well go back to building wooden huts, at least they had style, what I see now is hideous. The seventies was bad enough, and the designs of that era have been well commented on, what will they be saying about what you see now in 10 years time.

I spoke to an architect and the words he used are unrepeatable, i would love for him to put those comments here, but then he might lose some work. You never now someone might just make a comment, if only because it reflects badly on all the good architects out there.


It is strange sometimes how thinking about one thing like the Casino, brings about a memory of something else from the past, and how sorely missed it is. The Casino should have come to East Manchester, instead someone decided otherwise, and the excuse is they believe they are lookng after our interests. I remember years ago, people also had a chance to apply a bit of foresight and invest money in a developement that could now be on a par with Disneyland, perhaps on a smaller scale, I'm talking about Belle Vue.

The area is undergoing massive regeneration in 2008, this should bring about prosperity and new investment for the area, improved housing and jobs, why am I not entirely happy with this. East Manchester has undergone regeneration in the past, and that went horribly wrong, If anyone remembers the seventies, and some of the atrocities that happened regarding building design, then you would have hoped that lessons were learnt. Does anyone remember the flats, especially the Crescents in Hulme, Fort Ardwick and Fort Beswick also known as Legoland, they were horrendous. In fact this is one of many blunders by our inept council, did you know that debt from the flats, which was from borrowed money that we should still be paying for even now, was paid off with taxpayers money. The flats because of there height and many levels created excellent vantage points, with which you could survey the area, and give you early warning of any policemen coming after you. And if you did get close, it would have been very difficult to catch anyone. It wasn't the peoples fault, it was in the design, they looked horrible, cheap and had construction faults. The fact is the council got regeneration wrong again, the communities fell into decline and suffered long term effects, eventually the flats were demolished but the damage was already done. Even today, we are still suffering from them mistakes, East Manchester will take a lot longer to heal and prosper than many people think.Beswick, Ardwick Flats

Belle Vue Zoological Gardens was a large zoo, amusement park, exhibition hall complex and speedway stadium in Belle Vue, Manchester, England, opened in 1836. The brainchild of John Jennison, the gardens were initially intended to be an entertainment for the genteel middle-classes, with formal gardens and dancing on open-air platforms during the summer, but they soon became one of the most popular attractions in northern England. Before moving to Belle Vue, Jennison, part-time gardener, had run a small aviary at his home: the beginnings of the zoo which over the years grew to become the third-largest in the United Kingdom.

Jennison set out a small amusements area in Belle Vue during the 1870s, which was expanded in the early 20th century to become what was advertised as the "showground of the world". Popular rides included the 60-mile-per-hour (97 km/h) Bobs' rollercoaster and the Scenic Railway. Other entertainments included grand firework displays from 1852 and an annual Christmas circus from 1922. Music and dancing were popular attractions in Belle Vue's various ballrooms. The Kings Hall, opened in 1910, housed The Hallé Orchestra for several years and also hosted concerts by artists such as Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Leonard Cohen and Led Zeppelin.