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Want to know more about being a Community Reporter, visit the Community Reporter Programme on the Peoples Voice Media website for more information.

If you're interested in becoming a Community Reporter, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give them a ring on 0161 743 3537

The Community Reporter programme start new iMedia Level 1 courses in January 2010,   venues in Manchester and Salford. On successful completion of the course you’ll get a Level 1 Certificate in iMedia and be a recognised People’s Voice Media Community Reporter.

For more information about iMedia courses go here, as this is only level 1 most people should find it relatively easy. Peoples Voice Media will be running the courses over a 15 week period, although I expect that this could be shorter due to modules not included that are not relevant to the Community Reporter programme.

this course is

uk-photographers-rights-v2We have the latest update for photographers, the UK Photographers Rights Guide v2 is an overview of the legal standing for photographers, it has a 2 page layout for easy printing.

It has been at least 4 years since the last update, and while it only gives a short guide to what a photograper can and can't do from a legal perspective, it is invaluable guide to carry with you. Some laws have changed and the document reflects the new changes, the most important being that police have new powers. Under Section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 they have the power to stop and seize for articles which could be used in connection with terrorism, not only that they can seize articles as well. Even PSCO's can use the new powers if allowed in your area with a constable in attendance.

Download the UK Photographers Rights Guide v2 for more information and guidance.

MCIN as we know it is no more, the new name is People's Voice Media, this came about through a series of interviews with various people in the community and from local agencies.


As of April 2nd 2009 MCIN rebranded to People’s Voice Media which is a innovative not for profit social enterprise, based in Manchester that works in local communities across the North West. We believe in the power of social media to get communities talking to each other, to spread news, and to give everyone a voice and a platform from which to use that voice. We offer a range of services that offer a complete package of media development opportunities, primarily to people living in excluded communities.

 visit the PVM website for more information.


We reported sometime ago about the Eastserve Tender and how they were looking for a partner to take the wireless network forward. Now we can bring you the results of that tender, it has been won by Symera Technologies who have vast experience in rolling out Wireless Networks. For more on the Eastserve/Symera partnership visit here.

This partnership with Symera allows Eastserve to contribute to Manchester’s ambition of being a world class digital city ensuring that residents in East Manchester have continued access to affordable next generation broadband and can benefit from the opportunities being created by the digital world. East Manchester residents can remain some of the best connected in the country…. Manchester City Council.

If you are a Eastserve Customer and concerned how this might affect your current service, then visit  here for more information.


Story below was released on the Manchester City Council website, 17th March 2009. (photos have been added to enhance the original story)


eastserve_bev_hughes_200Beverley Hughes MP, Minister for the North West visited east Manchester today to witness New East Manchester and Manchester City Council sign up an internet service provider, Symera Technologies.

They will be a private-sector partner to run Eastserve, the largest community wireless broadband network in the UK. This will allow the award-winning internet provider to expand its network beyond east Manchester and enable more people without a landline to access an affordable wireless connection.


Photography Class Leaflet

Photography Club at Mancat started today launched by People’s Voice Media and it was presented by Jessica Mayo from MCIN, the weekly club is open to everyone and is free to participate. While numbers were low on this first inaugural meeting, it is hoped this will improve in the future, the main cause was down to advertising of the event being a bit late. However the ones who did turn up still went away with more knowledge than they went in with.


Community Reporters in Exchange Square, ManchesterToday the Community Reporters were in Exchange Square, Manchester, videos created by Community Reporters were being displayed on the big screen for all to see. It gave the public a chance to see how ordinary people from very different communities tackled reporting in their neighbourhoods. It showed that you don't need to be a hollywood director to get your point across, or need fancy equipment. Although the day was cold and cloudy there was a good turn out of reporters, the Manchester Evening News also ran a story about the event which can be viewed here