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Community Events & Festivals covered by Paul Edwards, sometimes I am asked to take a few photographs or produced a small video at a local event. If you would like me to turn up at your local event please contact me. I do get very busy and have to be a bit selective, but if I am available I might be able to make it. I would like to point out that my work is totally voluntary, and thats because I enjoy doing what I do.

(Health Issues mean I can no longer continue, please ignore the above text, if you need a reporter, check out the Community Reporter or contact page for help


Public performance by Granny Turisimo causes havoc at a recent Skyride event held in Manchester 2012.

Urbanathlon Manchester 2011 startThe Urbanathlon is an 5k urban adventure race run around East Manchester, it started at Sportcity (home of Manchester City) and ended in Philips Park. Along the route various obstacles are placed in the way that runners needed to be overcome, most were easy, some harder and then there are ones like the water slide which were fun (no I did not try it), although some found it difficult running when wet through. This was the fourth Urbanathlon, the first one run in 2008 was probably the hardest, longest and best one, recent ones have been shortened to 5k and made easier and aimed more at having fun. Most of the runners did enjoy the race while some found it quite demanding, the need to be well prepared for a race like this is extremely important, and perhaps some were not as well prepared as they should have been.

Tesco Great School Fun RunI was going through Sportcity I heard lots of noise, it was the Tesco Great School Fun Run. I managed to take a few Photos, the weather was typically wet, the fun run had already started and I missed most of it but I managed to catch some late comers at the start line.

The children aged between 5 - 11 have been preparing for weeks leading up to the 2km fun run, as well as heathly eating it was also about promoting a positive attitude to physical fitness. Basically what this means is running is fun providing you follow a few simple rules, educating the children about how to look after the body in a fun way, judging by the noise as you entered Sportcity the children had been well prepared and could not wait to get running.

Ian Holmes-Lewis of Sambangra

Sambangra have been the pride of Manchester's vibrant drumming scene for more than a decade, formed in 1997 they offer crowd-stopping street sets and dance-floor filling stage shows, collaborations and workshops. Their unique new fusion of Asian, Brazilian and other styles uses percussion from Africa, India and South America in a range of formats from street band to stage band with bass, keyboards, strings, vocals and guests.

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The first Didsbury Festival was held on Saturday 10th May 1980 in Didsbury Park It is now an annual event and has proved to be extremely popular even today. The festival usually starts with a colourful parade throught the streets of Didsbury and finishes in Didsbury Park. Then the fun really starts with lots of stalls, events, dancing, music, dog shows and lots more.

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Urbanathlon 2008After moving house early 2009, I lost several tapes from events I had recently covered. Luckily some were found and here is one of them that I hope you will enjoy. This was the inaugural Urbanathlon sponsored by Original Source which took place in East Manchester 2008, the first of its kind in Europe, the race started at Sportcity, around Clayton Vale and then finished in Philips Park. As you will see from the video it is a different kind of race, athletes run over 10k with lots of obstacles in their way which means using muscles they never realised you had. It was a very enjoyable day, the sun came out and most of the runners appeared to enjoy the race, some found it very demanding. I believe in 2009 the race was shortened and made easier.

Paul Edwards at Manchester PrideI was asked to be part of the Manchester Pride 2009 event by Eastlands Homes, in partnership with Northwards Housing on their float. I thought I had lost all the footage, that is the reason I am late posting this video, managed to salvage some, this particular video was one I captured by chance. I was walking round and heard this strange song, only when I got nearer did I recognise it, quickly pressed record and this is what I captured, only about a minute long but still enjoyable, hope you like it as well.

Just in case you don't know the song, it was Australian singer Rolf Harris who recorded the "The Court Of King Caractacus" in 1964, it was a hit in Australia and charted in the US and UK.