Urbanathlon 2008After moving house early 2009, I lost several tapes from events I had recently covered. Luckily some were found and here is one of them that I hope you will enjoy. This was the inaugural Urbanathlon sponsored by Original Source which took place in East Manchester 2008, the first of its kind in Europe, the race started at Sportcity, around Clayton Vale and then finished in Philips Park. As you will see from the video it is a different kind of race, athletes run over 10k with lots of obstacles in their way which means using muscles they never realised you had. It was a very enjoyable day, the sun came out and most of the runners appeared to enjoy the race, some found it very demanding. I believe in 2009 the race was shortened and made easier.

I remember I was disappointed that there was no awards ceremony after the race, winners in the various categories were notified at a later date.

visit http://www.urban-run.co.uk/ for more information



The Official Urbanathlon 2008 Promotional video