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Community Events & Festivals covered by Paul Edwards, sometimes I am asked to take a few photographs or produced a small video at a local event. If you would like me to turn up at your local event please contact me. I do get very busy and have to be a bit selective, but if I am available I might be able to make it. I would like to point out that my work is totally voluntary, and thats because I enjoy doing what I do.

(Health Issues mean I can no longer continue, please ignore the above text, if you need a reporter, check out the Community Reporter or contact page for help


Juba do Leão performing at this years Fun and Feedback Day 2009, Juba do Leão are a percussion and dance group from Manchester who specialise in the musical styles from the Northeast of Brazil, namely Maracatu. We also play Coco (a rhythm featuring a strong alfaia rhythm and call & response songs), Caboclinho (a lilting yet powerful rhythm with indigenous Indian roots), Manguebeat (a style mixing traditional Brazilian percussion with modern sounds, originating in Recife) and many other Brazilian styles with a modern twist

This video will give you some idea of what Juba do Leão do, although not everything for more information about Juba do Leão visit

Party in the Park 2009This years Party in the Park which included Seeds of the East was a bit of a let down for me, there was just too much going on. Let me explain, we had the Skyride, Urbanathlon, Party in the Party which included Seeds of the East. I struggled to get near Philips Park because all roads were blocked off to make way for the Skyride. The Skyride should have been a seperate event on another day because of the sheer numbers involved and the need to block roads, and I think it overshadowed the other events.

Right thats my moaning out of the way, back to Party in the Park (Seeds of the East), which will be the main event I am going to concentrate on. Putting aside the fact that attendance seemed lower than last year, it was pretty much the same layout. Some of the attractions and stalls were a bit spread out and thin on the ground, I noticed a few familiar faces missing from this years event. The Seeds of the East which is about growing your own food, eating healthy, there was lots for youngsters to do. Best for me was the BBC Breathing Places stall, a fun area with lots of exciting ideas, freebies, creative things for youngsters to do. Entertainment came in the form of Jelly (Puppet) from CBeebies, we had storytelling, bird boxes and even insects were catered for where you could buld a little home for them aaahh. How many mums cringed at the very idea of bringing the little beasties into the house, still a lot of fun. I used to have a caterpillar in a little box when I was a lot younger and a ant farm.

Skyride Manchester 2009What a day with a fantastic turnout of cyclists on the streets of Manchester for the Skyride, it all started in Albert Square and journeyed through Manchester to the National Cycling Centre (Velodrome). It was a day to get on your bike and enjoy a traffic free ride, and also ride with some of the biggest names in track cycling. This was a partnership between Sky and the British Cyling Team that aims to get as many people on bikes, whether its just for fun, fitness or to aim to become good enough to join the newly formed Team Sky which will take on the best riders in the world at the Tour De France next year. Following the successes of the British Cyling Team at the Beijing Olympics and British riders like Mark Cavendish and Bradley Wiggins in the Tour De France, aspirations will be high that we can lay down a foundation for future success by getting more people to take up cycling or improve the skills they already have, who knows you could be the next Chris Hoy, Victoria Pendleton, Mark Cavendish or Nicole Cook.

Finally got around to finishing the Guerrilla Busking video, it's been a while mainly through my workload and busy with other things.

Just to re-cap the Guerrilla Busking event was about 20 odd Manchester musicians hitting the city centre streets, playing an eclectic series of impromptu gigs in a variety of secret, unauthorised locations, from the very public to the very hidden. Organised by local music collective Single Cell, and taking place as part of the Futuresonic 2009 festival, the gigs, running from midday until 8pm.

Manchester Adult Education Services (MAES) held its end of year lunch, it was a way of saying thank you to all the students who worked very hard. People who took part in the many courses on offer were treated to an afternoon lunch, and all the achievers enjoyed the little get together. The event was held at the Grange in Beswick, Manchester 2009.

EastManchesterFestival2009This years East Manchester Festival took place at the Grange in Beswick, Manchester, the event part of Refugee Week which is now in its 5th year is now a regular annual festivity for the community. Despite the weather's attempts to spoil the event, it was still a good day for the people who braved the rain early on, after a few showers things started to hot up and everyone was getting into party mode.

Did you go, this is what you missed out on.