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Community Events & Festivals covered by Paul Edwards, sometimes I am asked to take a few photographs or produced a small video at a local event. If you would like me to turn up at your local event please contact me. I do get very busy and have to be a bit selective, but if I am available I might be able to make it. I would like to point out that my work is totally voluntary, and thats because I enjoy doing what I do.

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Unheard, Unseen, Unauthorised

Event 15th May 2009

Guerrilla Busking 2009 Event from Single Cell CollectiveFor Futuresonic 2009, Single Cell Collective present an eclectic series of impromptu musical performances in secret locations around Manchester City Centre.

Over 20 Manchester musicians hit the city centre streets, playing an eclectic series of impromptu gigs in a variety of secret, unauthorised locations, from the very public to the very hidden. Organised by local music collective Single Cell, and taking place as part of the Futuresonic 2009 festival, the gigs, running from midday until 8pm, it featured a diverse range of artists who volunteered their services such as Aidan Jolly, Billtone, Craig Winterburn, Dave Birchall, Dave Leach, Dominic Berry (poet), HoneyFeet, Hot Bone, John Fairhurst, John Robb, Julie E Gordon, Leonie Higgins, Lunar Coup, Mike Garry (poet), Mind on Fire Collective, Phil Davies, Tom Kerswill, TG Elias, Ben Mellor, The Spokes, Tanante and more, representing everything from african drumming to heavy metal and acoustic folk and Poetry.

“Asylum seekers appealing decisions made by refugee courts are left without benefits or the ability to earn a living. These busking performances are taking place without permission in marginalised locations or hidden in very public places, mirroring the status of these destitute refugees.”


eastmanfestposterThe East Manchester Festival was held at the Grange as part of Refugee Week, the event was on a wet saturday afternoon. The day was well attended and spirits were high even though the weather tried to dampen them. Some events had to be cancelled due to the weather but it did not seem to put people off.

Highlights for me were Bloco Novo playing the drums and Unity Radio doing the Graffiti, the food looked good but I could not get near it, i was too busy.

My only gripe regarding the event was not enough interactive things for people to do, and would have liked to have seen more music and dance, especially from different cultures. That's just a personal view, otherwise not a bad day all things considered.