Guidelines & Policies

Documents included in this section are no longer apply to the website, the Chatroom & Forum have both closed, and will not be re-opening.

Reporters are no longer allowed to post on this website.



All editing access to this website has been disabled, and any accounts previously registered are no longer valid, and no new registrations can be done.

Important:- This document is incomplete and is being edited and revised, keep checking in case information has been added or changed.

Before reading the following policy have a look around the website, this is a useful guide to see what articles and content is already published, look at how it is presented and laid out. If your article is laid out in a similar style to one already published then you will have no problems submitting articles on this website.

We do have a tutorial section and helpful articles that authors may find useful within the website, however these are not available until you login.

To be able to submit articles on this website you need to be registered as an Author, approval will be needed from the Administrator usually by an email. It is important to use a valid email address as you will be sent an email so that we can verify your identity.

Any articles submitted will need the approval of the Administrator/Editor, this ensures content is checked before going public and that they meet with the following requirements.

Read This Before Leaving a Comment

Please make sure your comments follow our guidelines:

  • Use your real name or a suitable nickname (comments containing inappropriate names will be deleted without prior notice)
  • Please keep on topic, ensure your comments relate to the article your commenting on.
    Any form of SPAM or advertising or promoting other sites will be deleted without prior notice where found.
  • Writing in all CAPITALS/Bold is considered shouting and may be edited /removed without prior notice.
  • Racism or Racist remarks are absolutely not allowed on this website and will be deleted without prior notice, and person/IP may be banned/blocked.
  • Swearing/Foul language is absolutely not allowed, any post containing swear words will be deleted without prior notice.
  • Anyone found being offensive, sarcastic, annoying, cruel, criticising, violent or malicious to others is not allowed and person/IP may be banned/blocked.
  • Comments should be written in English, any comments that contain other languages will be deleted without prior notice where found.
  • Avoid posting defamatory and potentially defamatory comment.
  • The Administrator may edit/move/delete any post without notification.

Here is a list of commands that can be used when in the chatroom, some are mainly for Administrators only.

Bans an user and kicks it from the room
/ban {nickname} {reason}

This command lists the banished users on the given channel

Clears the room's messages

Connects to the chat
/connect {nickname}

This is by no means a complete list, but should get you up to speed.
A few Acronyms and Abbreviations that you can use in the chatroom, might be useful to let your friends know about them. If you are familiar with mobiles and texting, then these work in a similar way. Acronyms are shortened versions of a longer word or sentence.

Chatroom is now closed indefinetly.

The nature of the Chatroom is completely different from the forums, being dynamic and working at a much faster pace, moderation becomes very difficult. Therefore we ask users to moderate themselves while in the chatroom by following a few simple guidelines, only reporting something when another user or users are clearly acting outside of the Chatroom or Forum Guidelines.

If you are in any doubt contact the Moderator who will look into the matter and will act according to the Chat/Forum Guidelines.

We like to provide a safe and friendly environment for users to chat or discuss while using the Chatroom, any users who abuse the guidelines will not be allowed to particpate anymore.

Before using the forum we suggest reading the following information, you may find this helpful if you are new to how forums work.

Any questions or complaints regarding the forum should be directed to the Moderator first. Also read the Forum Rules before continuing, these contain important information for users.




All posts should be written in English, we do not have the resources to cater for other languages, any posts that are written in another language regardless of content will be deleted.

We all need rules and this forum is no exception, because we are a family friendly community forum and younger persons may be posting and viewing. The following rules are to protect users and keep the forum clean from bad behaviour.

If people are sensible and use commonsense before posting, no guidelines need ever be enforced. If something on the forum bothers you, let the Moderator or Administrator know immediately.

The forum has some restrictions regarding what you can and can't do, limiting posting of images, live links, PM and post restrictions etc. Most are in force to protect users and forum from abuse, in time some restrictions may be lifted dependant on security and the community's needs.

Please read and follow our rules, we have a zero tolerance and they should be observed.