All editing access to this website has been disabled, and any accounts previously registered are no longer valid, and no new registrations can be done.

Important:- This document is incomplete and is being edited and revised, keep checking in case information has been added or changed.

Before reading the following policy have a look around the website, this is a useful guide to see what articles and content is already published, look at how it is presented and laid out. If your article is laid out in a similar style to one already published then you will have no problems submitting articles on this website.

We do have a tutorial section and helpful articles that authors may find useful within the website, however these are not available until you login.

To be able to submit articles on this website you need to be registered as an Author, approval will be needed from the Administrator usually by an email. It is important to use a valid email address as you will be sent an email so that we can verify your identity.

Any articles submitted will need the approval of the Administrator/Editor, this ensures content is checked before going public and that they meet with the following requirements.

By submitting articles, you acknowledge that you are legally entitled to distribute the work and to allow it to be redistributed.

All articles you submit must include your full name ie; first name, surname, no nicknames allowed. You are responsible for your article and it's content, and must take full credit.

If you have any difficulties submitting articles, uploading images etc, then contact the Administrator/Editor. You may prefer to send your article to us in a pre formatted word document or other type of format, this is fine as long as you also send any images in ZIP format that may be included in the document, along with instructions how you may want it to be displayed.

We restrict particular items being used in an article, flash content, PHP & HTML code and Javascript, the WYSIWYG editor may be missing certains buttons. The Administrator has placed these restrictions because they could interfere with the security of this website if allowed.

Articles must be drafted in the English language, we do not have the resources to translate any that are not and will be deleted. If you are quoting an extract, a word, line or similar, this may be fine as long as users will understand why it is included and not be confused.

Decide carefully on the nature of your content and where you wish it to be published, we have pre-defined Sections and Categories for you to submit your article. If you feel your article needs one that is not available, contact the Administrator before publishing, or save as a draft (unpublished) in an Uncategorized section until a decision is made.

The article must contain a Title of which the first letter must be a capital, or the whole title can be capilized (each word in the title starts with a capital), however it must not be in all CAPITALS.

Choose a meaningful Title that is descriptive of your content, this is extremely important because users will decide very quickly from the Title if the article appears interesting enough to read. Avoid using excessively long Titles. (50-60 letters maximum)

Your article will need a read-more break, usually 100-300 words down your article or at a suitable break point, usually a paragraph. This is so that if your article appears on the frontpage it does not display the whole article, an intro is all that is needed, users will have an option to read the rest of your article.

If graphics are included in your article, they will need to be resized to display properly. Your article may contain an image with maximum width of 200px and maximum height of 150px in the first line or intro, and may link to a larger image with a maximum width of 550px. Avoid using an image larger than this in the intro or readmore area of your article, it may not display correctly. In the main body of your article images should be no wider than 550px and contain no text on either side. Restrictions are needed to ensure styling throughtout the website is maintained and does not impact too much on bandwidth. If you require larger images to be displayed contact the Administrator.

Headings and Sub-Headings will need to be bold and left justified, not centred.

Avoid using the underline feature where possible, as this feature may be in use for website hyperlinks on the website.

Metadata is where you can give your article a desciption, you may use the Title of your article as a description, Keywords should be made up of words that are actually included within your article and not be less than 4 letter words minimum (exceptions like BBC would be allowed).

When using Microsoft Word or similar software remember that they tend to include lots of hidden code, it is preferred that this code be removed as it over bloats the article and can cause it to display incorrectly. We use a WYSIWYG editor which is very similar to Software Editors and we would prefer you use this to format your article. The Administrator or Editor are there to help if this is a problem.

It is important to spell-check and proof read your article before submitting it for publication, if you have difficulties or need help contact the Administrator or Editor.

Any article that is clearly an advert for personal gain, commercial advertising, promotes products or is obviously SPAM will be deleted immediately.

We realise not everyone is a professional or understands how to produce quality articles, as long as you have a basic understanding of using a computer and can use notepad, wordpad, word or similar software, then the Administrator or Editor will be happy to help you with the rest, just contact us.

The Administrator/Editor reserves the right to edit, change, append, re-style or delete any article that may be deemed inappropiate, either in style, in content or goes against any guidelines/policies for this website.


Lastly the Administrator has the final say in all matters, as well as changing of these guidelines or rules at any time.


These Guidelines are © 2009 Copyright Paul Edwards, All Rights Reserved.