Chatroom is now closed indefinetly.

The nature of the Chatroom is completely different from the forums, being dynamic and working at a much faster pace, moderation becomes very difficult. Therefore we ask users to moderate themselves while in the chatroom by following a few simple guidelines, only reporting something when another user or users are clearly acting outside of the Chatroom or Forum Guidelines.

If you are in any doubt contact the Moderator who will look into the matter and will act according to the Chat/Forum Guidelines.

We like to provide a safe and friendly environment for users to chat or discuss while using the Chatroom, any users who abuse the guidelines will not be allowed to particpate anymore.


Chatroom Hints to staying safe online

You should use an ALIAS or a NICKNAME, and always try to keep your real identity secret.

DO NOT give out any personal information about yourself or anyone else, what do we mean.

Never give out your real name.
Never give out your address, postcode, city, etc. (could give country)
Never give out the name of your nursery, school, college, university, work place, etc.
Never give out your phone number. (home telephone number or mobile number)
Never give out your personal email addresses. (get a throw away one instead)
Never give out your personal website address. (could be used to get your personal details if you registered it)
Never give any information that could indentify you.


Chatroom Guidelines

  1. Be civil to others, and welcome new users.
  2. No swearing, threatening or abusive language.
  3. Racism or discrimination are not allowed.
  4. No advertising or promoting other sites.
  5. Be aware of giving out sensitive information, you are on a world stage.
  6. Use Nicknames that are not likely to cause offense.
  7. Do not type text in all CAPITALS are this is viewed as shouting, using acronyms as CAPITALS is normal.
  8. We ask that you do not try to deceive, trick, lie or pretend to be someone your not to users, this will get you banned.
  9. Flooding, Scrolling or being disruptive deliberately will get you banned.
  10. If you make a mistake, apologise immediately, users will appreciate you for it and it may stop you getting reported.
  11. If you are having problems with a user contact the Moderator.
  12. Chat Messages to be posted in English, we do not have the resources to cater for different languages which may only confuse users.


Lastly the Administrator has the final say in all matters, as well as changing of the guidelines or rules at any time. If continued abuse of Chatrooms exist then closing them will be the only option left.


These Guidelines are © 2009 Copyright Paul Edwards, All Rights Reserved.