Before using the forum we suggest reading the following information, you may find this helpful if you are new to how forums work.

Any questions or complaints regarding the forum should be directed to the Moderator first. Also read the Forum Rules before continuing, these contain important information for users.




All posts should be written in English, we do not have the resources to cater for other languages, any posts that are written in another language regardless of content will be deleted.

A few restrictions regarding posting on the forum that you should be made aware of are as follows. The administrator may review and change these at any time, an announcement will be posted on the forum when any changes are made.



  • Users must provide a valid email address, your user account will need to be approved by the Administrator before you can post.
  • Certain Usenames are disallowed, if your having difficulty choosing a particular name that you believe should be allowed, contact the administrator.
  • Passwords need to be 6 characters or more, and no longer than 30 characters. A mixture of any letter and any number is required.
  • Post writing/editing time is limited to 15 minutes, we recommend you use notepad or similar software to write your posts then copy into the forum form. Users with slow connections will greatly benefit from this method, and save the heartache of having to rewrite a post.
  • website Links in posts or private messages is not allowed.
  • The size of a posting is limited, this may change depending on users needs.
  • Smilies are allowed but limited to a maximun of 5 per post.
  • Signatures are limited to text only for the time being, no images or links.
  • Remote or offsite images are not allowed, any found in posts will be deleted.
  • An Avatar gallery is provided for users, maximum size of image is 90x90, users wishing to use their own image can send it by email to the administrator for approval before being included in the gallery.
  • Uploading of files to the forum has been disabled.
  • The use of [img] and [flash] BBCode has been disabled.
  • Private messaging editing time is limited to 10 mins and contain text only, smilies may be used. Users are not allowed to send to multiple users, or contain attachments. If you receive private messages that go against forum rules inform the administrator or moderator immediately.



The limitations that we have imposed on the forum are for safety/security reasons, in time we hope some restrictions will be lifted or users who reach a particular rank may be allowed certain privileges.

This forum is moderated and we hope you appreciate why it may be needed. There will always be someone who just wishes to cause mayhem or be annoying to others, these types of people are not wanted or needed on the forum, and will be dealt with swiftly. We wish to ensure that our community feels safe and not threatened in any way when using the forum, and that is why we use moderation. However just because we have moderators does not mean we wish to restrict open discussion, in fact just the opposite, there are times though when things can get a little heated and tempers flare, this is when moderation may come into play.

The moderators are volunteers and have a very difficult job to do at times, we would appreciate you helping them out where possible. There is a Report this Post report this post 1 button which enables you the user to tell us about a post that bothers you or goes against the forum rules, this is the best way you can help the moderators and the rest of the community. What we don't want is users trying to be moderators and commenting within a post that may go against the forum rules, this just might add might more fuel to the fire and make the moderators job more difficult, you could also find yourself included in being moderated, always use the Report this Post report this post 1 button and let the moderator deal with any problem posts. If you wish to help and become a moderator, contact the administrator.


Many users get confused between Discussion and Chat, as this is a discussion forum we need to distinguish the differences.

Discussion:- informal debate; consideration or examination by argument, comment, etc;
an exchange of views on some topic; a lengthy discussion on a particular topic. Replies can take hours, days or even weeks

Chat:- small talk; chitchat; chatter; informal talk; conversation;
Replies can be instant, or take a minute or so

The whole forum is about encouraging discussion and not idle chitchat, where possible posts that has no bearing on the current discussion or are off topic as well as one word comments will be deleted without notice. Users who engage in discussion do not want to see silly remarks or useless posts from users made within their topic, and we agree. A special forum will be provided for users to practise their posting skills and to use it in an informal way without risk of being moderated, forum rules still apply though.


These are small images usually under your username and may denote if you have a special rank like an Administrator or Moderator, users have non-special ranks based on how many posts you have made. This forum uses little red stars, see below for an idea of what we mean, the numbers on the right represent number of posts needed before your rank changes.

Forum Ranks


Posts containing Spam will be deleted immediately and the user responsible will have their account deleted. If you see any post that may have slipped the net, please use the Report this Post Report this post button or contact the moderator immediately.



Lastly the Administrator has the final say in all matters, as well as changing of the guidelines or rules at any time. If continued abuse of Forums exist then closing them will be the only option left.


These Guidelines are © 2009 Copyright Paul Edwards, All Rights Reserved.