For information on the community radio listings so far on the website, visit here 

We also have a small selection of Internet TV feeds , these include News and Music.

More online Radio streams can be found here at - UK and Irish radio stations simultaneously webcasting live on the net.

Note: Remember when you stream anything to your computer, you are using up bandwidth. This means if you go over your alloted ISP bandwidth limit then you may incur penalties, this could be a drop of connnection speed for particular periods of the day, usually nightime, or you could also be charged. Make sure you read your ISP's fair usage policy if there is one.

Not many people are aware if you watch a lot of Youtube videos, the videos are actually downloaded to your computer first, this also uses up valuable bandwidth.

Useful Links

Radio Regen - Manchester-based Radio Regen is a national centre of excellence in community radio. It offers radio production courses, promotes urban regeneration, holds community media conferences and has pioneered community radio stations in Manchester, Salford and the North West.

North West Community Radio Network

Community Radio Toolkit - For all your community radio information and support needs

Ofcom Regulator

The Community Media Association

Please be aware some of these radio and TV stations could become unavailable at certain times, or the live feed could be interupted.

 If you have any problems or a station no longer works, please contact us.